Live the charm, breathe magic and history. Daydreaming.
The Lorelei Londres is one of the best historic luxury hotels in Sorrento.


The liberty style residence rises up on ancient Roman ruins, still intacts and visible to the guests. An ancient Villa, first belonged to members of the Imperial Court, then over the centuries became the privileged refuge of artists and poets, who were fascinated by the unique charm of its view of the Gulf, fervent inspiration for narratives, travel diaries, legends dedicated to the myth of the sinuous mermaids of this land.
A myth that flows through the origin of the hotel’s name: Lorelei Londres, legend and charm.


Loreley was an elegant and fascinating mermaid living in the Rhine river in Germany. The legend says that she was a captivating creature who lured nearby sailors with her enchanting singing and her beautiful appearance.
The appealing exposure of our structure, overlooking the sea, finds its identity and inspiration in the image of this beautiful mermaid sitting on a roc, while the wind slightly caressed her seductive body.
Londres is the English capital, translated into the pervasive and distinct French language.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, several northern European countries were attracted by the exotic charm of the Grand Tour in Italy and among their destinations, Sorrento drew interest of a large number of visitors.
Sorrento, today, as in the past, is a magic place where poetry, music and history blend together in a natural context, unique in the world.

The Apuzzo family, historical hoteliers of Sorrento since 1962, and owners of other properties in Sorrento and Positano, is very sensitive to art and culture.
This approach reflects on the Lorelei Londres’ renovation which was carried out respecting the historical layout of the building and enhancing the cultural and artistic aspects in order to offer to the guests the best experience and the maximum comfort.

Respecting the original architecture, the Hotel Lorelei Londres is a dive into history.
The presence of a Roman aqueduct proves the historical value of this structure, which goes beyond the centuries by retaining its deepest breaths and offering the guest the touch of the past through the highest standards of hospitality. The caress of the past.

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